PALL Positions

1. The PALL Position on Leadership

Compelling research evidence shows that quality leadership makes a difference to children’s learning and achievement; and it is about working together on a common moral purpose – in this case the improvement of children’s literacy

2. The PALL Position on Reading

National and International research confirms that learning to read requires explicit attention by parents and teachers to:

Early and ongoing oral language experiences
Phonological awareness
Phonemic awareness

3. The PALL Position on Reading Interventions

Interventions in reading should be based on sound qualitative and quantitative evidence to target student needs across the school.

4. The PALL Position on Shared Leadership

Achieving improvements in learning and achievement requires partnerships inside and outside the school to share the leading of reading.

5. The PALL Position on Support for Leaders’ Learning on-the-job

Leadership learning is maximised when leaders are supported in their schools in implementing reading interventions by valued mentors.